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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

74. Villa Rustica

(Crete, 2009. Nikon D300 + Nikkor 18-200/3.5-5.6)

"Villa Rustica" is actually Latin.


  1. Black and white HDR doesn't look as bad as its color counterpart, but i'm still not a fan. It's still a nice picture overall

  2. @Angelina. Tackar ödmjukast.

    @Jerome: Thank you. Also, I really agree with your thoughts about HDR. Even when they are well executed, HDR images tend to look strange and artificial (in a bad way, that is). Therefore, I was actually a bit reluctant to posting this image, as I thought that the effect may be too strong. But, all in all, I felt that the image had enough impact to "make it" to the blog. Thanks for visiting!