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Monday, March 9, 2009

3. In Medias Res II – Dark Horizons

Older works from the Dark Horizons series. Sweden and Italy, 2007-2008. Nikon D300, Nikon D80, Canon G9.

Worn Hands 2008

The Apples in the Left Hand 2008

Repairing the Old Clock 2008

Marble Hands 2008

"Biblia" 2008

The Gate at Ladtjojaure 2008

A Sign in the Wilderness 2008

The Mountain Trail 2008

The Colonnade 2007

Columns in the Forum 2007

In EUR 2007

Arch of Titus Against the Sky 2007

On the Road to the Colosseum 2007

Ravine on Raven Mountain 2008

The Tree at Pilane Grave-Field 2008

The Circles at Pilane Grave-Field 2008

A Wooden Cross 2008

In the Abandoned Village 2008

In the Sheep-Fields at Pilane 2008


  1. Lovely series of images with great processing as well

  2. great photos! the mood and feel are really good! i love the composition and also the great processing also...

  3. the first few images with the hands are stunning. Best photographs I have seen in a long time.